As gyms and dance studios prepare for re-opening from 25 July, we are all doing our best to ensure these environments are as safe as possible following the global pandemic.

Classes and personal training at Leviosa Pole Fitness will resume from Monday 27 July but there will be some changes and new rules in place to help ensure your safety.


  • Cleaning baskets will be provided for each pole - including anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitiser, pole cleaner, and cloths

  • You must sanitise your hands before using any of the equipment

  • Poles must be wiped down between turns - if you are sharing with someone from the same household, this isn't mandatory

  • If you are the last class of the day, please place cloths in the bucket by the exit so that these can be washed

  • Masks are recommended but not mandatory

  • Please follow the one way system around the studio space

  • You must sign in via the sign in sheet on your way into the studio

  • If you would prefer having a pole to yourself during a class, you can request this upon booking - these places will be priced at £15 per class

  • There will be no spotting during classes to avoid contact

  • If there is a class or PT before you, please wait outside until the previous session has left

Please do not attend any classes if you have shown symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has

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